Eclipse 500                         Cost To Own 

The goal of the Eclipse 500 is to bring the word "personal" into aviation.

The Eclipse 500 Personal Jet

In-Flight Testing of the Eclipse 500

In-Flight Testing of the Eclipse 500

The Eclipse 500 is a modern, affordable jet aircraft that costs significantly less than any other jet aircraft.  The Eclipse 500 is safe and substantially easier to operate than larger jet aircraft.  This jet has the lowest cost of ownership ever achieved in a twin jet aircraft.

This aircraft brings the word "efficiency" into aviation, making it possible for commercial air passengers to move directly between cities on a quick, affordable and convenient basis.

There has never been a more green jet: It's extremely quiet: a full 40 dB quieter than the world's most stringent Stage 4 noise requirements. Exhaust is released at a rate 50 times lower than regulatory limits. The plane is assembled using friction stir-welding, a green manufacturing process that produces no fumes. It's engine fire suppression system, PhostrEx is the first Halon alternative agent to be approved by the EPA and FAA in more than 50 years, and conforms to international treaties protecting the earth's atmosphere.

The Eclipse 500 offers performance characteristics and economics that are enabling realistic alternatives to today's commercial air travel system. The Eclipse 500 enables travelers to fly point-to-point to more than 5,000 airports in the U.S. alone, ushering in an age where point-to-point private jet travel is available to everyone at affordable prices. This is a dramatic departure from today's commercial airline system, which forces 70 percent of all air travelers to pass through 29 increasingly crowded "hub" airports.

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