Welcome to Jet-Alliance, where Shared Jet Ownership, also known as Fractional Jet Ownership, can become a reality!

  Welcome to Jet-Alliance where shared jet ownership can become a reality!


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There is a smart way to travel by private jet aircraft – a necessity for today’s busy executives
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JetAlliance Aircraft Flies Silent in Camarillo Air Show - 2013

Camarillo Air Expo, August 17-18th: The crowd was not expecting the contrast of sound as the JetAlliance Mustang jet was announced. After hearing the loud engines of the other show aircraft the quiet whoosh of the Mustang Jet was quite a surprise. That was the purpose of the flight demonstration put on by JetAlliance; to show the contrast of this new technology aircraft which is not only the second quietest twin engine plane in the world, but also the second greenest.  Read more...


JetAlliance/VLJ Tour: Upcoming Dates

Considering "Shared Jet Ownership" as a solution to his travel demands.

JetAlliance Eclipse Jet Featured on ABC’s Bachelorette

(Aired Monday May 28, 2012) Charlotte, NC— Emily Maynard, ABC’s 2012 Bachelorette flew her date on an Eclipse Jet, complements of JetAlliance and Eclipse Aerospace.  Emily and her date arrived at the airport in Charlotte via limousine and then were whisked away in the twin engine private jet for a surprise visit to Dollyood in Pigeon Forge, TN.  Read more...



Technological advancements and the introduction of a new category of aircraft; the Very Light Jet (VLJ), have made it possible to build executive Jets at amazingly low costs.  Following are current market prices:

Through shared jet ownership, the costs can be further reduced - - making it possible for you to become a jet co-owner for less than ever before!  For more information see:  Program Description.

Be it full ownership or shared ownership, the JetAlliance program provides the benefits of conventional fractional jet ownership, but at a substantially lower cost.   See price comparison.

If you already own a Very Light Jet (VLJ) or have one on order, consider the benefits of professional management with JetAlliance. You will have access to the entire fleet enjoying economies of scale and a significant reduction of ownership costs. JetAlliance affiliated air carriers provide charter revenue that accrues to your benefit.

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Travelers who place a high value on their time recognize the benefits of private jet travel, and now, more than ever, are seeking ways to do so economically.

JetAlliance offers the solution: Efficient private jet travel in a very light jet (VLJ). The VLJs in the JetAlliance fleet offer increased flexibility and access to over 5,000 airports in the United States alone. Click the link for one-ways and specials.

One-Ways and Specials Available Now!

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A Revolution

“[With] the advent of innovative companies like JetAlliance that offer affordable private jets, I am convinced that we are on the threshold of a revolution in air travel.”

Colleen Turner, Indiana SATS Consortium - NASA Small Aircraft Transportation System (SATS)

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